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Dear Brothers Rovers from the UIGSE-FSE Associations: let us wish you a very warm welcome to the 41st edition of our  Pilgrimage to the Vézelay Basilica!

We kindly request that all Rovers intending to attend the pilgrimage register online through our website. The registration is required for safety and security reasons.

UIGSE-FSE Associations:

  • Belgium, France, Switzerland – do not register on this page, please go here.
  • Germany, Italy, Spain and UK: a fee per participant will be requested to cover organisational costs: 15€ for online registrations before 8 october, 20€ online after that date until 26 october and then 25€.
  • Countries not adjacent to France: registration is free but still mandatory.

We look forward to seeing you soon on the Burgundy countryside paths leading to Vézelay, in the footsteps of the countless pilgrims who over centuries  have crisscrossed and built our Christian Europe.

Who goes where:

image  Austria : tronçon Saint Paul
image  Belgium : tronçon Saint Louis
image  Belarus : tronçon Saint Jean-Baptiste
image  Czech Republic : tronçon Saint Paul
image  Germany : tronçon Saint Louis
image  Hungary : tronçon Saint Paul
image  Italy : tronçon Saint Bernard
image  Latvia : tronçon Saint Jean-Baptiste
image  Lithuania : tronçon Saint Jean-Baptiste
image  Luxembourg : tronçon Saint Louis
image  Netherlands : tronçon Saint Louis
image  Poland : tronçon Saint Paul
image  Portugal : tronçon Bienheureux Charles de Foucauld
image  Romania : tronçon Saint Paul
image  Russia : tronçon Saint Jean-Baptiste
image  Slovakia : tronçon Saint Paul
image  Spain : tronçon Bienheureux Charles de Foucauld
image  Switzerland : tronçon Saint Paul
image  Ukraine : tronçon Saint Jean-Baptiste
image  United Kingdom : tronçon Saint Louis

Online Registration

Rovers from Belgium, France and Switzerland are expected to register on the main registration site.

By clicking on the small flag on top of the form, you may select a different langage.

Vente de billets en ligne

Should you have any technical difficulty to register:

  • Make sure that your navigator (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome,…) is configured to accept cookies.
  • Try using a different navigator.
  • Use this alternative link.
  • Shout for help: let us know!

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